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Credit Processing Company, based in Dallas, Texas, offers electronic merchant credit card processing services to business throughout North America. Our commitment to customer service and quality is well known, and we have over 40,000 customers on our books. Our simple system and procedures, 100% free equipment and excellent customer service means we remain extremely popular in the industry, and many more people are looking to Crescent Processing Company as their provider.

Crescent set out to improve the way credit cards are processed, and in doing so now provides the most efficient and simple to use system available. We make sure that all of our clients use the same processing terminal – unlike some competitors whose products vary – and that all transactions are processed in the same way. Neither do we divide ownership of processing accounts, a method used by many to reduce liability.

In streamlining our package this way we can make sure all of our employees are fully trained to the highest degree, and thanks to the level of customer service provided Crescent Processing Company boasts a 98% loyalty rate among customers. Our streamlined process also means that Crescent Processing Company complaints are few and far between, although we do understand that problems will occur. We have in place a specialist team to deal with complaints and problems quickly and efficiently, and calls to us are toll-free.

Crescent Processing Company is a registered provider of MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express transactions. As we have a direct relationship with the card associations we can keep our costs very low – the lowest in fact of all Issuing Banks. We offer customised processing cost rates for clients based upon what they need, and our easy to use products have other benefits.

Our terminal – 100% free and provided by us for the length of the working relationship – is one of the most impressive and reliable of all, and also takes up less space than a standard terminal meaning you do not lose valuable space. Our system is used to process almost one and half billion dollars in credit card transactions each year and is unique to Crescent Processing Company. Terminals also support check conversion, gift cards and allow you to print advertising on receipts, and our ‘Call Me’ button – a feature that allows the client to ask one of our team members to call them – is a favourite with many satisfied customers.

With a bias towards customer service and satisfaction and users in all regions of the USA Crescent Processing Company is highly regarded in the industry, and with our promise of value, quality service and easy to use systems we believe we are a major benefit to our users.